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Radiology may be divided into two different areas, diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Diagnostic radiology helps health care professionals see structures inside your body. Diagnostic radiology exams include CT scan, MRI, mammography, bone scan, thyroid scan, X-rays, PET and ultrasound. Interventional radiologists are doctors that use imaging such as CT, ultrasound, MRI and fluoroscopy to help guide procedures. Interventional radiologists often are involved in treating cancers or tumors, blockages in the arteries and veins, fibroids in the uterus, back pain, liver problems, and kidney problems.
  1. Cancer: Existing drug may prevent treatment-induced infertility
    Researchers have found that a drug once tested as an anti-cancer treatment may actually help to prevent female infertility caused by cancer radiotherapy.

  2. Breast ultrasound: Why it is done and what to expect
    What is a breast ultrasound and why is a breast ultrasound performed? Learn about what should be expected and how to prepare for the test.

  3. McDonald criteria: MS diagnosis guidelines
    Learn about the McDonald criteria. What is dissemination in space, what is dissemination in time, and what additional data are used for diagnosis?

  4. Targeted radiotherapy limits side effects of breast cancer treatment
    Breast cancer patients who have radiotherapy targeted at the original tumour site experience fewer side effects five years after treatment than those who have whole breast radiotherapy, and their...

  5. Breast cancer patients can use antiperspirants during radiotherapy
    Women undergoing daily radiation therapy for breast cancer are commonly told they should not use antiperspirant for fear that it could cause greater radiation damage to the skin, but a new study from...

  6. Anti-cancer chemotherapeutic agent inhibits glioblastoma growth and radiation resistance
    Glioblastoma is a primary brain tumor with dismal survival rates, even after treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

  7. Social interaction could boost chemotherapy's effectiveness
    A new study investigates the impact of social interaction on the effectiveness of chemotherapy and the patients' chances of survival.

  8. Radiation prior to surgery reduces risk of secondary tumors in early-stage breast cancer
    Moffitt Cancer Center researchers launched a first of its kind study comparing the long-term benefits of radiation therapy in women with breast cancer either before surgery (neoadjuvant) or after...

  9. Low doses of radiation could harm cardiovascular health, study suggests
    Ionizing radiation, such as x-rays, has a harmful effect on the cardiovascular system even at doses equivalent to recurrent CT imaging, a new study published in the International Journal of Radiation...

  10. AI analyses X-rays as well as doctors
    Many jobs, medical and otherwise, might one day be performed using artificial intelligence.

  11. Colorectal cancer: Adding SIRT to chemotherapy boosts survival
    For patients with advanced colorectal cancer, new research suggests that adding selective internal radiation therapy to chemotherapy may prolong survival.

  12. MRI without contrast agents? Yes, with sugar!
    In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), contrast agents are used to enhance the imaging of tissue structures.

  13. Patient mortality could be predicted through computer analysis of organs
    The 5-year mortality risk of patients with severe illness may one day be predicted through computer analysis of CT scans, say researchers.

  14. Radiation for prostate cancer: Types and side effects
    Radiation therapy is a common treatment for prostate cancer. In this article, learn about the types of radiation therapy, as well as the risks involved.

  15. Ankylosing spondylitis: Tests, diagnosis, and treatment
    In this article, we look at the questions and tests used to diagnose ankylosing spondylitis, which causes chronic pain in the lower back and buttocks.

  16. Ankylosing spondylitis: X-ray and imaging techniques
    X-rays and imaging techniques are essential for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory condition that affects the back and sacroiliac joints.

  17. Study suggests a role for radiotherapy for extending the lives of pancreatic cancer patients
    Patients with early stage pancreatic cancer could be given longer to live if they receive radiotherapy at a high enough dose, according to research presented at the ESTRO 36 conference.

  18. Study reveals low adoption of advice to reduce nuclear cardiology radiation exposure
    A study in 65 countries has revealed low adoption of International Atomic Energy Agency recommendations to reduce nuclear cardiology radiation exposure.

  19. Three-week radiation therapy treatment given post mastectomy is safe and effective
    A shorter course of radiation therapy given to breast cancer patients following mastectomy is safe and effective and cuts treatment time in half.

  20. Stereotactic radiation highly effective for kidney cancer
    Kidney cancer patients may soon have an alternative to traditional treatments, new research at UT Southwestern Medical Center's Kidney Cancer Program of the Harold C.

  21. Barium swallow: What to expect and side effects
    Barium is a white liquid used to coat the organs of the digestive system during an X-ray. Learn about the procedure in this article.

  22. Robot radiology: Low-cost AI could screen for cervical cancer better than humans
    Artificial intelligence - commonly known as A.I. - is already exceeding human abilities. Self-driving cars use A.I. to perform some tasks more safely than people. E-commerce companies use A.I.

  23. Advanced liver cancer: Selective internal radiation therapy safer than sorafenib
    A phase III trial of selective internal radiation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma has found the treatment is safer and just as effective as sorafenib.

  24. Melatonin may protect the small intestine from oral radiation treatment in rats
    Gut toxicity can limit the use of radiotherapy in cancer patients.Oral melatonin can protect the small intestine in rats subjected to radiotherapy of the tongue, according to a study published...

  25. Psoriatic arthritis radiology: Imaging tests for diagnosis
    What is psoriatic arthritis and what types of radiology may be used to make a diagnosis? What other tests may be available and who should get checked?

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