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  1. U.S. Senate Republicans unveil healthcare bill

  2. Glucose-MRI technique at 7T aids tumor evaluation

  3. FDG-PET links physical activity to healthy brains

  4. Study: ACA leads to earlier breast cancer diagnoses

  5. ACOG sticks to 40 for breast screening, with caveats

  6. Paxeramed launches image management platform

  7. Is ferumoxytol the alternative to gadolinium MRI agents?

  8. Breast density doesn't increase mammo radiation dose

  9. MRI technique boosts stroke images

  10. Radiologist repeats as poker champion

  11. MRI + mammography detects recurrent breast cancer

  12. AI can yield patient-specific radiation dose estimates

  13. Do radiologists call clinicians too often? Yes and no

  14. The 'sky is the limit' for 7T MRI research in Boston

  15. FDA set to unveil new digital health devices initiative

  16. CMS proposes revisions to simplify MACRA

  17. Why radiologists find it hard to face patients

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