Prune belly syndrome

2014-11-23 05:54:43

Category: foetal, Region: Syndromes, Plane: Sagittal

A 23 yr old G2P1L1 patient came to our centre with 3 months amenorrhoea for a routine nuchal translucency scan. Ultrasound examination revealed a single live foetus corresponding to 13 + weeks with 1. Grossly distended fetal abdomen. 2. Bilateral hyperechoic kidneys with gross dilatation of the pelvicalyceal system and ureter. 3. Fetal megacystis. 4. Severe oligohydramnios with amniotic fluid index corresponding to 4 to 5 cms. Fetal spine appeared normal. No evidence of any neural tube defect. Both the upper and lower extremities appeared normal. The stomach bubble was visualized. The above features are consistent with prune belly syndrome.