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Radiolopolis, JRCR and CME

Radiolopolis introduces, in cooperation with the PubMed indexed Journal of Radiology Case Reports (JRCR), a new CME section. The JRCR has been rapidly established over the last years as an innovative and highly educational journal by providing unique educational features such as teaching points, learning tables, multiple choice questions with self-evaluation tools as well as innovative features such as interactive image stacks which allow the user viewing cases similar as on their own workstation. The JRCR has now established a CME section for providing health care providers a convenient way to obtain their needed CME credits. In that regard, the JRCR is working together with Radiolopolis as well as the University of Nevada as the partnering CME accredited institution.


Is the CME section free to use?

Yes, many sections are free to use. In example, reading the articles, doing exams and browsing through our educational material is free to use. If the user wishes to obtain CME credits, then they need to be purchased.


What are SA-CMEs?

SA-CME (self-assessment continuing medical education) are a special form of CMEs. According to the recently adopted AMA policy for CME, these activities require an assessment of the learner that measures achievement of the educational purpose and/or objective(s) of the activity with an established minimum performance level (such as a pre- and post-test). CMEs obtained through our CME section satisfy such requirements.


Do I need SA-CMEs?

Certain medical specialties (such as Radiology) require SA-CMEs beside the "regular" CMEs. Please check with your specialty Board about SA-CME requirements.

In example, the ABR (American Board of Radiology) requires radiologists to earn 75 CME credits every three years, at least 25 of which must be credits for self-assessment activities. These SA-CMEs require higher standards than regular CMEs, which are outlined on the ABR MOC website.

The PubMed indexed Journal of Radiology Case Reports provides in our CME section hundreds of such SA-CMEs at the convenience of your mouse click!


What is a CME session?

A CME session consists of a pre-test, reading the associated journal article and a post-test. A minimum score of 70% is necessary to be eligible for claiming a one hour AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. You have 5 attempts to pass the post-test. After an unsuccessful fifth attempt, this article cannot be used for CME claim anymore and you can use your credits for other articles. (Don't worry - you are not loosing any credits)


How do I perform a CME session?

In the CME section, please go to "Browse Articles" and either search for articles based on multiple filter/search criteria that match your needs or just click the "Random Articles" button. That button provides you with a random list of articles throughout all Radiology subspecialties. You will see some articles labeled with a "CME Eligible" icon under the title. These articles can be used for CME sessions. Please click on such an article. You will be first prompted with the disclosure page. After closing the disclosure page you are asked to run a pre-test which consists of 5 multiple choice questions (MCQs), which are related to the journal article that follows. After reading the article, you need to do the post-test, which consists of the same questions as in the pre-test. If you reached the minimum post-test score of 70%, you will see the exam results and comprehensive explanations. If you did not pass the minimum post-test score, you will be given 4 more attempts to pass the post-test.


What types of questions/answer choices are used?

We use multiple choice questions. Each question has 5 answer choices. Some questions have a "single best answer choice" with only ONE correct answer. Other questions may have more than one correct answer choice. To indicate the answer choice type, we provide a radio button for single choice questions and check boxes for more than one correct answer choices. (see figure below)

Single and multiple answer choice type questions


Are all articles CME eligible?

To provide you with the most up-to-date medical knowledge, only articles published within the last 3 years are eligible for CME claim. These articles are specifically labeled with a "CME Eligible" icon under the article title in the "Browse Articles" section. Articles published more than 3 years ago can still be read but cannot be used for CME sessions.


How do I claim my CME credits?

As soon as you successfully finished 10 CME sessions, you may "exchange" CME credits by purchasing a plan. Please follow the instructions seen at the top of the CME section which tells you how many CME exams/sessions you passed and how many you still need to pass to be able to exchange them into a CME certificate. As soon as you have enough CME sessions passed you may transform/exchange them into CME credits by purchasing them. After purchase, your CME certificate will be available for download.


How many CME credits can I claim?

As many as you wish. You need to have completed and purchased at least 10 CMEs to be eligible for a CME certificate. (After purchase you will be able to download thecertificate and the CME accreditor will be notified)



Earn your SA-CMEs today!

Claim your CMEs today! It's just a few mouse clicks away...

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