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Price ($): Free

Year: 2013
Developer: Radiolopolis
RadSnap is a free clinical tool that allows receiving quickly and easily professional consultations for difficult cases sent via mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android. This tool helps especially referring physicians and radiologists in areas of the world who cannot afford expensive PACS software.<br /> Basically, RadSnap puts the knowledge of a thousand radiologist into the palm of your hand.

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Sharing case information and seeking knowledge pertaining to a case has never been easier. With RadSnap you can just open up the software on your desktop, mobile phone, or on your tablet device and snap an image of your monitor, or directly load an image from your device. Add some patient information, and some technical background if you like, formulate your question and send it off to the world's largest network of radiologists, Your image will appear instantly in a dedicated window, where literally thousands of experts will see it, and very soon you will get your answer.
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