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What type of Embolization material should be good for Radiologist and patients

Posted by on in Radiology Blogs
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Now in the world, most of the Embolization material is chemical made, and the first generation emolization material is chemical made emoblization particles such as PVA particles, due to the unsatisfied emoblization results, it is now being replaced with chemical made Microsphere, but the chemical made Microsphere has some side effect to patients’ body, and it will be accumulated in Patients body and difficult to be discharged out.    


The ideal Embolization Microsphere should help radiologist get satisfied embolization results, should be no side effect to patients’ body, can’t be accumulated in patients’ body, and can be discharged out of patients’ body finally.  Now there it is:


The Embolizaton microsphere mentioned here is KMG Microsphere, it is the Biological Micropshere, It is pure natural and green, non-toxic, non-antigenic, highest safety to patients, it can meet all of the demand above, it is ideal embolization material for TACE treatment, can help radiologist get satisfied TACE treatment.  

KMG microsphere is produced with the material named Sodium Alginate, which is a kind of polysaccharide sodium salt extracted from the natural brown alga. It is a kind of linear macro-molecule with the molecular weight of 5 to 100,000 and strong hydrophilicity. The Sodium Alginate dissolves in the water and forms the thick colloid, then produces the association solidification between the macro-molecule chains under the assistance of calcium. Solid microspheres can be produced in different size in the shape of spherical or its analogous according to clinical demand. It is ONLY “pure natural and degradable” microsphere for intravascular embolization in the world. It is ideal embolization material for different type of solid neoplasms.


Absolutely advantages:


1. KMG microsphere is pure natural and green product, it is the highest safety Embolization material in the world

KMG microsphere is produced with pure natural material, of which the biological compatibility is much better than any chemical made embolization microsphere.

KMG microsphere is produced with unique manufacturing technology, it is the ONLY embolization material in the world, of which the manufacturing technology REFUSE to use any chemical organic solvents such as formaldehyde, tetrachlomethane, so it can avoid the damage to patients from these harmful chemical substances, such as the inflammatory response caused by the chemical substances stimulation to blood vessel.

The KMG microsphere manufacturing technology REFUSE to use any animal derived material, which can avoid the risks of Prion virus infection and immunogenicity response caused by animal protein.

So the embolization of KMG microsphere can’t cause chronic inflammatory response and allergic granulomatosis which will cause vascular occlusion, while some chemical made microsphere will cause chronic inflammatory response after embolization.

The KMG microsphere will be degenerated in the form of molecular dischaining within months after embolization, and the final degraded substance are mannuronic acid and guluronic acid, which are non-toxic, non-antigenic, can’t take part in organism metabolism, will be discharged totally in the urine finally

KMG microsphere is highest safety embolization material with very good biological compatibility, non-toxic and non-antigenic, no chemical or immunological reaction after embolization, it is widely suitable for different patients by Tace treatment without any side effect caused by the embolization material itself, now it is unique in the world.


2. The ONLY embolization product in the world, who itself has stronger positive effect of anti-tumor activity.

The β-D-mannuronic acid and α-D- mannuronic acid inside the sodium alginate are good positive effect of anti-tumor activity, while another ingredient, which is for the production of this embolization material, enhance such unique performance further, make the positive effect of anti-tumor activity more stronger and enlarge several times. 

Up till now, such performance is not available from any other brand embolization products in the world, which are produced by chemical or animal derived material. The unique product design and manufacturing refresh your idea, It is absolutely advantages, which is distinquished from other brands in the world. For the Liver tumor Tace treatment, KMG microsphere has unique advantage than any other brands in the world.

The study shows that, the natural Sodium alginate can remove the harmful substances accumulated in Liver, give positive support to Liver cell growing, when making Tace treatment to liver tumor, KMG microsphere not only can get satisfied embolization effect, but also can play strong positive effect of anti-tumor activity, furthermore, to give good support for Liver function recovery.  For the Liver tumor Tace treatment, KMG microsphere has unique advantage than any other brands in the world.


3. As pure natural biological embolization material, KMG microsphere is degradable, the unique degradability bring following advantages:


a) For different size KMG microsphere, it will degrade gradually for months after embolization. During the degrading period, KMG microsphere will release one of degraded substances named mannuronic acid continuously; while this substance will go directly playing strong positive effect of anti-tumor activity continously, so KMG microsphere does not like other brands similar product, which are only for single embolization. KMG microsphere can play both positive effect of embolization and anti-tumor activity.

b) When use other chemical made embolization brands, if there is tiny mistakes from doctors, which lead to wrong embolization or uncompetely embolization, the hurt to patients is permanent since chemical made embolization product is non degradable and it is diffcult to be discharged outside. While using KMG microsphere, even there is tiny mistakes from doctors, the hurts to patients is temporarily due to the degradability of KMG microsphere. The hurts to patients is lower much than chemical made brands.

c) Malignant tumor is active to spread, sometimes the single Tace treatment can’t block it thoroughly, the repeated embolization is necessary to fight against the latest situation of tumor. As pure natural degradable product, KMG microsphere is ideal products for repeat Tace treatment since it is degradable, every embolised microsphere will be degraded finally and discharged in urine outside, even many times’ embolization, there is no side effect to patients,so the repeated Tace treatment can be done to patients safely with KMG microsphere until there is satisfiedTace treatment effect.

While all of the chemical made embolization microsphere will be accumulated inside of body if make repeat Tace treatment, which will bring heavy side effect to patients, it is not suitable for repeat embolization., KMG microsphere is the ONLY embolization product in the world which is suitable for repeat Tace treatment, so the pure natual KMG microspheres bring entirely new ideas and revolution in the field of interventional Tace treatment..

d) Uterine fibroids is one of most common tumor in Gynecolgical disease, Tace treatment is a minimally invasive and effective method with the advantages of keeping uterus not removed. It can give patients maximum chance to get high quality daily life. If Tace treatment with chemical made embolization product, the embolised material will be retained in uterus due to its non-degradability, which will make female patients lose the ability to have children, while KMG microsphere shows absolutely advantages in this field, due to its degradability, the female patients’ Fertility can be recovered to normal situation after the degradation finished, KMG microsphere is ideal embolization products for Tace treatment to Uterine fibroids and Gynecolgical tumor.


4. KMG microsphere is widely suitable for different patients by Tace treatment

Due to the patients’ individual difference, sometimes it is difficult to select suitable size embolization product to make complete and thorough embolization to all patients, while the incomplete embolization will lower much on the tace treatment effect. In order to settle this problem, KMG microsphere is designed as expansibility and produced by special high pressure manufacturing technology, it is 3-5 times expansion when reach target vessel. Tace by KMG microsphere, the unique expansibility can make every patient get compete and thorough embolization, the Tace treatment effect is best among all the similar brand in the world.


5. KMG microsphere is round shape, well distributed microsphere size, which is specially for completely filling of blood vessel lumen. It is compressible, good flexible plasticity, can’t make injury to blood vessel inner wall.


For more information, kindly get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Whatapp: 86 15940886272

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