This group provides you with a selected list of experts in the Radiology field. If you are in need for a consult or second opinion and you don't have a professional yet in your connection list to ask, we can help you out. You may ask one of our selected experts in this group for a consult /...
  • Category: Practice & Business
  • Created : Friday, 03 January 2014
  • JRCR - Journal of Radiology Case Reports

    JRCR - Journal of Radiology Case Reports

    Created on: Monday, 16 February 2009
    Journal of Radiology Case Reports group. Join this group to discuss JRCR and other publication related issues. Discuss JRCR articles and give suggestions how to further improve this unique kind of interactive Radiology journals.
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    Created on: Saturday, 02 April 2011
    ALL radiology GROUP(There is no borders to separate scientific foci)
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  • Radiology e-books.......FREE!!!

    Radiology e-books.......FREE!!!

    Created on: Saturday, 23 January 2010
    This group is all about the softcopies of our Radiology book library... come lets share ebooks.. i mean Knowledge.....
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  • Radiology For You Private

    Radiology For You

    Created on: Tuesday, 06 December 2011
    Private group for the Radiology For You initiative. Sorry, this is an INVITE ONLY group.
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  • CRBS Author Club Private

    CRBS Author Club

    Created on: Friday, 28 May 2010
    This is a private group for all CRBS authors. Radiology education will soon face a revolutionary change!
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  • rt image magazine

    rt image magazine

    Created on: Thursday, 18 June 2009
    rt image is read by CEOs, CFOs, CIO/IS managers and supervisors, hospital and other medical administrators, PACS administrators, purchasing and QA managers, radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiologic technologists, radiation therapists, sonographers, educators and students enrolled in radiology programs nationwide. Our mission is to present professionals with a variety of timely, accurate, reader-focused articles and resources to promote...
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  • Beth Israel NYC Residents Private

    Beth Israel NYC Residents

    Created on: Monday, 16 August 2010
    Discussion group for BI residents
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  • Radiolopolis volunteers Private

    Radiolopolis volunteers

    Created on: Thursday, 04 April 2013
    This group is a meeting point for our valuable and highly appreciated volunteers. Are you interested in helping us making Radiolopolis an even BETTER community? Then join us!
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    Created on: Saturday, 24 December 2011
    Anything about radiology journals ,paper submission...........
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  • Dare To Share! Private

    Dare To Share!

    Created on: Wednesday, 08 April 2009
    Dare To Share! is a project, which allows sharing cases between researchers and colleagues. Users may find interesting or needed cases/images for different kind of projects (studies, books, publications, presentations etc.) while assuring the owner's credentials/copyright of the case. Direct contact between the searcher and the owner of the case provides also a good opportunity to get to know new, potential partners for future projects.
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  • RSNA


    Created on: Thursday, 30 April 2009
    Whoever plans to attend the RSNA meeting in Chicago is welcome to join this group. This group might facilitate meeting colleagues, Radiolopolis friends, scheduling sessions/talks, coordinating events or help finding accommodations. Receive the latest abstracts from the current Radiographics issue and more...
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  • Radiology Pearls

    Radiology Pearls

    Created on: Sunday, 29 January 2012
    This group is entirely dedicated to the Radiology Residents preparing for the oral boards... The Objective of this group is to revise the radiology theory by sharing the facts... and most importantly the seniors - who will give as tips & important radiological pearls!!!! Lets get started!!! :)   
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  • PedRad - Pediatric Radiology

    PedRad - Pediatric Radiology

    Created on: Monday, 02 March 2009
    PedRad ( is a Pediatric Radiology information, publication and communication platform. Discover interesting, rare and typical imaging findings of the child and the adolescent. Publish your own peer reviewed cases and teaching files. Discuss with other colleagues pediatric radiological topics and indeterminate findings.
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  • Radiology Education

    Radiology Education

    Created on: Friday, 13 March 2009
    Everybody who is interested in Radiology education is welcomed. Included is education covering medical school, residency and beyond clinical practice. Share your experience, tell us your ideas, find partners and much more... Enjoy also several educational features from our affiliated Radiology Boards preparation program - for free!
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  • Editorial Team of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports Private

    Editorial Team of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports

    Created on: Monday, 02 January 2012
    This is a private group for the editorial team of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports ( Invitation only.
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  • Web 2.0 and Radiology

    Web 2.0 and Radiology

    Created on: Thursday, 26 February 2009
    This is group for discussion of various aspects of web 2.0 applicable for radiology. web 2.0 is the web which is created by the users themselves, in contrast to the static world of the websites. This includes blogs, wikis, social networks etc.
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  • Radiolopolis Private


    Created on: Sunday, 15 February 2009
    Radiolopolis admin group
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  • Future Radiology Zone

    Future Radiology Zone

    Created on: Wednesday, 11 March 2009
    This is group for people with a vision for the future of Radiology, what all we will be able to see and how Radiologists will be operating.
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  • Fancy Stones

    Fancy Stones

    Created on: Tuesday, 14 September 2010
    This is a group for sharing images of impressive stones.
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  • Radiology book authors

    Radiology book authors

    Created on: Sunday, 17 October 2010
    This group provides detailed information for potential authors of our case review series ( Here you will find all requirements and the next steps you should undergo to become author. If you are interested, please join this group and read the group announcements for more details.
    3 Discussions
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