Friday, 27 March 2015

In a collaborative effort with the University of Sydney, we are carrying out a perception study looking at the detection of lung pathology, and we are hoping to recruit radiologists who regularly read chest radiographs.
Each radiologist will be asked to:

1. Fill out a short demographic questionnaire;
2. Read 40 adult chest x-rays twice, over the Internet, with the readings separated by at least 2 weeks

Participation in this study is purely voluntary and the data will be published in aggregate, non-identifiable form.

If you are interested, please contact Steve Littlefair at [email protected]
you will then receive a participant information sheet, a consent form, a unique I.D., a password and the website address.

This will ensure you are identified as a participant but not as an individual.

You have a right to receive feedback about the overall results of this study. You can tell us that you wish to receive feedback by ticking the relevant box on the consent form. You will receive this feedback after the study is finished.

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