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* Widening of femoral intercondylar notch:   Mnemonic  "BAIT"

- Blood disorders (Hemophilia)

- Arthritis (Gout, RA, Psoriasis)

- Infections (TB)

- Tumour (Pigmented villonodular synovitis)



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Mohammed Ansari
Mohammed Ansari
Lisfranc Fracture-Dislocation

-Malalignment of second 2nd metatarsal and middle cuneiform.
-Associated fractures: base of metatarsal and cuneiform.
-Two Types: Homolateral (1-5 or 2-5 laterally displaced), Divergent (1 -> medial, 2-5 -> laterally displaced).
6 years ago
Mohammed Ansari
Mohammed Ansari
Fibrous Dysplasia

-Developmental anomaly -
-replacement of the medullary cavity with fibrous material, woven bone, and spindle cells.
-Age 5-20 years.
-Monostotic form: Femur most common.
-Polyostotic Form: Femur, Tibia, Pelvis [often unilateral].
-Radiographically: Radiolucent and expansile with GG matrix (dysplastic microtrabecullae). Well defined sclerotic margins. Base of skull lesions tend to be sclerotic.
-Mimics other lesions: may have atypical appearances. Long lesion in a long bone. Crosses joint space (pelvis -> femur). May look very bizarre.
-Shepherd's Crook deformity in femoral neck.
-Iliac wing common => polyostotic form.
-Hot on Bone Scan.

Polyostotic with Endocrinopathy = McCune Albright. & With ST Myxomas = Maza Braud Syndrome.
6 years ago
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