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Discussion started by Roland Talanow 5 years ago

At the upcoming annual meeting of the Association of University Radiologists which will take place April 9-12, 2013, we will hold a APDR/APCR Session about Innovative Tools for Education.

On April 12, there will be a panel session dedicated to Social Media in Education and I would like to give anybody a chance to introduce their work by sending me information about their project which I could introduce in that panel session.

If you are aware of other social media sites which are dedicated to Radiology education, please forward this message also to the owner of that website.

Due to time constraints of the talk I might not be able to implement all of submissions I receive. However, we intend to publish a featured article about this topic in the academic Journal of Radiology Case Reports, which is a PubMed indexed journal. I will also post an article dedicated to social media in Radiology education on the international Radiology community “Radiolopolis” where I can add more websites than in the given talk.

These will be great opportunities for you to make a large audience aware of your great educational project.


What exactly is needed:

Since session time is limited, we need a specific format in which you should provide your information.

Please send a PowerPoint file with up to 2 slides and containing the following (including enumeration):

1. Your name and email, profession (radiologist, technologist, resident, student, etc) and institution you work at (if applies)

2. Your project name

3. Project URL/website

4. Description what it is about (one sentence)

5. Since when does your website exist (year)

6. At least one image/screenshot which shows the essential features on one view.

7. Explanation what are the educational methods/features and how they are used

8. Who is the target audience (technologists, radiologists, trainees/students etc.)?

9. Is it a global website or targeted to a specific country/region?

10. Is the site in English or other language?

11. How many visitors (per month) and how many active users

12. Is it an open or private website? (Contents visible to only registered users)

13. If registration needed, can anybody register or only healthcare professionals? If only accessible for a special audience, how do you make sure only the right people are approved/can access the information?

14. Can anybody post or only logged in people?

15. Do you maintain/control the contents others write/post? If yes, how?

16. Are the contents peer-reviewed? If yes, by who? (profession)

17. Do you have ads on your website, is the site sponsored or any other commercial aspect?

18. Di you create/programmed the project yourself or did you use a template provider (e.g. Ning, blogspot etc.).

19. Do you have the ability to customize your project, add features/functionality or are you dependent on the host/provider who provides specific features (e.g. blog, image gallery etc.)

Please ONLY send me a PowerPoint file – or if not possible, then a Word document with ALL these items listed.

I will not integrate a site into the talk which does not have all these items answered.

Please write in the email subject “Social Media in Education Talk”, otherwise your email might land in the spam folder.

Please email me that file to [email protected] no later than April 6.

I might not be able to respond to individual questions, especially if not related to this topic.

I thank you very much for your participation.




Roland Talanow M.D., Ph.D.


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