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Discussion started by oliver nickalls 3 years ago

I have received reviewer feedback that one of my references is not in the correct format- specifically that it does not have a PMID.

My revised article has 2 references to non-pubmed indexed journal articles for which I have included an NLM ID for one, and an IC ID for the other.  Both have weblinks.

Is this acceptable?  I declared this at article submission though I can find no advice on how I should reference non-pubmed journal articles, only that the articles need a PMID.  Given the NLM ID only seems to point to the journal rather than the article, is there a preferred method?

I am seeking clear advice before resubmitting the revised manuscript.

The references in their current form are:

Thirunavukkarasu S, Robert K. Spontaneous Rupture of Intra-Abdominal Seminoma: A Case Report. OSR-JDMS 2015 Jan; 14(1):33-35. Available at: journals.indexcopernicus.com/issue.php?id=952&id_issue=876621. Accessed September 05, 2015. ICID: 1138573

Chua W, Engledow A, Raptis D, Obichere A. Torted intra-abdominal testicular tumour mimicking an appendix mass. Grand Rounds. 2007; vol. 7, pages 48-50. Available at: www.grandroundsjournal.com/articles/gr070013. Accessed April 04, 2015. NLM ID: 101602814




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oliver nickalls
oliver nickalls
OK- Thank you!
The article has now been resubmitted.
3 years ago
Roland Talanow
Roland Talanow
You don't need "Available at ..." if the reference has a PubMed ID. Use the following format for these:
Roentgen A, Hounsfield G, Fourier J. Title. Radiology Case. 2011 Jan;5(1):30-31. PMID: 12345
If references don't have a PubMed ID, then please use their DOI instead or if that not available, then us "Available at: URL".
I hope that helped.
3 years ago
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