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I am a final year fellow in London, UK, and have a very interesting review of 2 cases presenting to our tertiary referral centre with skull base and craniocervical bone pneumatisation (uploaded to the Neuroradiology section).

The first case highlights the progression of bone pneumatisation over the course of 2 years in a patient who performed habitual Valsalva's manoeuvre for symptoms of a blocked nose and paranasal sinuses.

The second case demonstrates the long term neurological damage that can occur in patients with these appearances who are involved in minor trauma.

In our discussion we will highlight the potential mechanisms of development of this unusual appearance, the risk factors that may be associated with it, the potential complications and the variety of management strategies in current use.

I have provided representative CT images of both cases for your interest but we also have accompanying MR images demonstrating the pathology should you deem this subject of satisfactory interest to your readers. We hope you will find our cases interesting, educational and above all of significant clinical relevance and value to consider them worthy of publication in the JRCR.


Many thanks,


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