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Discussion started by F. Eymen Ucisik-Keser 5 months ago


Dear Editorial Team at JRCR,


We have submitted a case of extensive deep neck space infection and mediastinitis for your and other group members’ review and hope it will be considered suitable for submission to the JRCR.  Through this case, we are planning to review the anatomy of the deep neck spaces and patterns of infection spread in our discussion. We believe that this case emphasizes very well the importance of familiarity with deep neck space infections and relevant anatomy, as well as the associated high morbidity and mortality.

 Thank you for your consideration!



F. Eymen Ucisik-Keser



Link to the case: http://radiolopolis.com/add-case/neuroradiology/wisdom-tooth-s-revenge-deep-neck-space-infection-and-mediastinitis-after-molar-tooth-extraction-19422.html#.Wm4ksFWnGUl

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