Renal artery intimal injury

Posted By Wael Nemattalla
Renal artery intimal injury

35 years old female following blunt abdominal trauma. Diminished left renal arterial supply is seen. No renal artery avulsion is seen.

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  • Wael Nemattalla 2013-12-23 11:34:15

    Renal trauma grading

    Renal trauma grading is often done using the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) 3-4 according to depth of damage and involvement of the urinary collecting system and renal vessels:

    • grade I - contusion or non enlarging subcapsular haematoma, but no laceration

    • grade II - superfical laceration 1cm, without extension into the renal pelvis or collecting system and with no evidence of urine extravasation

    • grade IV

    o laceration extends to renal pelvis or urinary extravasation

    o vascular : injury to main renal artery or vein with contained haemorrhage

    • grade V

    o shattered kidney

    o avulsion of renal hilum - devascularisation of kidney due to hilar injury