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Target audience:
Radiology residents, medical students, technologists preparing for their exams.


This plan provides access to the following sections:

  1. Radiology Physics learning sessions
  2. Radiology Physics exam preparation & Mock exams
  3. Radiology Physics comprehensive exam analytics
  4. Radiology Physics performance curve
  5. Radiology Final Exam learning sessions
  6. Radiology Final Exam exam preparation & Mock exams
  7. Radiology Final Exam comprehensive exam analytics
  8. Radiology Final Exam performance curve
  9. USMLE learning sessions
  10. USMLE exam preparation & Mock exams
  11. USMLE comprehensive exam analytics
  12. USMLE performance curve
  13. Send directly images to chat partner for quick help
  14. Multiple interactive chat features to enhance the communication (e.g. whiteboard, language tools etc)
  15. Multichat for group learning sessions
  16. Jobs Board for Job Seekers - send your applications


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Who benefits the most?
Residents, medical students, technologists in their training.



This plan provides access to the following sections:

  1. Videos
  2. Tutorials
  3. Book reviews
  4. Learning tools
  5. Thousands of Radiology Flashcards
  6. Residency program database
  7. Technologist school database
  8. Job market
  9. For med students and clinical trainees:
  10. Thousands of USMLE Q&A Flashcards
  11. Lung auscultation simulator
  12. Heart auscultation simulator
  13. Multiple interactive chat features to enhance learn interaction (e.g. whiteboard, file share, collaborative documents, language tools and more...)
  14. Fun experience! Play games with your chat partner or for yourself


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