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general radiologist
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senior consultant
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I am a radiologist working for star imaging and path lab in New Delhi.My childhood has been very interesting since I saw many parts of India owing to my dad who worked for the indian army as a doctor.Radiology is very interesting as it covers many fields and MRI is very intriguing.Apart from radiology I luv reading books,enjoy painting and an occasional drama which I luv to watch.after so many years of working I want to try taking up some exams.

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Guwahati Medical College ,guwahati university
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Army Hospital Research and Referral,Delhi University
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DR. SANYUKTA PHUKAN BANERJEE Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 9871241717 Challenging assignments in Radiology, PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS  Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Post Graduation in Radio Diagnosis & Radio Imaging with more than 10 years of experience in Imaging Radiology and different Subspecialties.  Currently working as Senior Consultant with Star Path Lab & Imaging Janta X-Ray, Delhi.  Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all modern aspects of imaging including CT Scan, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler, MRI and Conventional / Interventional Radiology and mammography.  Adept in patient-counselling and training subordinates for proper management of cases.  Expertise in administering radiology and imaging diagnostic services in Departments or diagnostic set-ups with CT Scan, Ultrasound, Conventional radiology and MRI at hospitals/ labs both large and medium level.  Knowledge Domain includes: - Anatomy and how the human body works. - All subjects of MB; BS. - Radiographic methods and techniques. - Physics related to radiology practice. - Always like to update and learn about new research, new technique. - Medical ethics and law.  Trained in Conventional Radiology, Ultrasound, and Diagnostic Interventional Radiology, CT scan Imaging, Colour Doppler, MRI and mammography.  Strong communication skills, analytical ability, good diagnostic ability, pleasing personality, able to make patients feel at home. PROFICIENCY FORTE  PERSONALITY STRENGHTS AND CARRIER OBJECTIVE:  To work as a consultant in a good set-up.  Teaching radiographers and Doctors on the best radiographic examination to be performed on a patient.  History-taking, undertaking routine & diagnostic investigations, examining the patients for identifying, investigating the medical problems and discussing the results.  Interpreting images from radiographic examinations including CT Scan, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler and MRI; performed all conventional radiology procedures, Ultra-sound procedures including guided biopsies. And also mammography. A strong aptitude for teamwork, flexibility, adaptability and strong will power are hallmark of my personality. I am a sincere and a hard worker and will not deter to ask for a second or a third opinion if required to come to a conclusive diagnosis. Deep thirst and aptitude to learn exist within me. Accepting challenges and achieving targets are in my habit. I believe that learning is a life-long process. My career objective includes self-development along with the development of the organisation CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Since Apr’04 with Star Path Lab & Imaging Janta X-Ray, Delhi as Senior Consultant  Distinction in working in CT Scan, Colour Doppler ,MRI ultrasound and mammography  Successfully read papers on (fetal echocardiography an overview) westend Indian Medical Association meet. (New.Delhi).  Took training on fetal echocardiography by Dr.Choui in Bangalore.  M R I ,C M E attended in Nanavati Hospital Mumbai-june 20 till 24th 2007.  M R I ,C M E attended in Nanavati Hospital Mumbai-may 22 till 25th 2008. Nov’03-Mar’04 with Umkal Hospital & Chopra Diagnostic Centre as Consultant Nov’00-Oct’03 with Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi as Senior Resident  Played a key role in handling the CT SCAN, Colour Doppler and ultrasound, MRI-1.5 Tesla and Conventional radiology, independently.  Have been involved in teaching post graduate students.  Have taken part in the radiology monthly meets, regularly.  Jan’00-Nov’00 with Teg Bahadur Hospital, Delhi as Senior Resident  Successfully handled the CT scan, Ultrasound and Colour Doppler and Interventional Radiology.  Worked in training and teaching post-graduate students.  Presenting interesting cases JAN 95-APRIL 95 Junior resident in anaesthesiology from Jammu Medical College. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS ï‚™ Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor in surgery from Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati University in 89-94 ï‚™ Post Graduation in Radio Diagnosis and Radio Imaging from Research and Referral Army Hospital, Delhi University from 1996-1999. TRAINING UNDERWENT CT scans Imaging, Colour Doppler, MRI, mammography, Ultrasound, Conventional Radiology, and Diagnostic Interventional Radiology. PAPER PUBLISHED AND PROFERRED PAPER PRESENTED • Cranial CT in Childhood Seizures in PGI Chandigarh. COURSES ATTENDED • AIIMS- MAMC- PGI Imaging Course Dec 1996. Chandigarh. ( EMERGENCY AND CHEST RADIOLOGY) • AIIMS- MAMC- PGI Imaging Course April 1997. New Delhi. ( HEPATOBILIARY AND GASTOINTESTINAL IMAGING) • AIIMS- MAMC- PGI Imaging Course Dec 1997. New Delhi. ( PAEDRATRIC RADIOLOGY ) • INDIAN RADIOLOGICAL & IMAGING ASSOCIATION 51st ANNUAL CONGRESS JAN 98. CHANDIGARH • 20th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF RADIOLOGY 19th to 23rd Sept 1998. New Delhi • DIAGNOSTICS ULTRASOUND Training Workshop Sep 2000. New Delhi. • AIIMS- MAMC- PGI Imaging Course Dec 2000. New Delhi. (ADVANCES IN IMAGING RADIOLOGY ) • INDIAN RADIOLOGICAL & IMAGING ASSOCIATION Delhi Branch Sep 2001 (NEURO IMAGING TODAY) • INDIAN RADIOLOGICAL & IMAGING ASSOCIATION 58th ANNUAL CINGRESS JAN 2005. AGRA • 3D/4D FETAL Echocardiography Education Program. Aug 2005. Bangalore • 6th MRI TEACHING COURSE 21st – 24th June 2007 Mumbai • 7th MRI TEACHING COURSE 22st – 25th may 2008 Mumbai PERSONAL VITAE Date of Birth : 12th February 1971 Address : C-005, Sector-10, Plot-7, Dwarka, N.Delhi – 75. Nationality : Indian. Religion : Hindu. Status : Married. Children : one child. Hobbies: Painting, singing Indian classical, writing poem enjoying good dramas. I have a cultural bent of mind. Jobseeker Employment status: full time/Part time. Job type: Permanent/contractual. .


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Abdominal imaging,
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