ROS1-positive Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Small Bowel Causing Obstruction: A Case Report

2020-04-18 02:51:28

Category: Abdominal Imaging, Region: GI-Small bowel, Plane: Other

Figure 2: Computer Tomography 23-year-old female with IMT and small bowel obstruction. TECHNIQUE: Abdominopelvic CT with administration of IV contrast material (100 ml Omnipaque 350) and oral contrast material (1500 ml diluted Telebrix), acquired on the portal phase with a 64 slice CT scanner, at 3 mm slice thickness, 120 kVp and 205 mAs. The images were acquired on the axial plane and coronal and sagittal reconstructions were created. FINDINGS: Complete small bowel obstruction caused by tumor. (A)CT scan shows the small bowel with marked distention (orange arrow) and (B)filled with fluid and air (blue arrow). (A)Totally collapsed bowel loops are seen after the transition zone (red arrow). (C)On axial slices well defined intraluminal encased solid mass (green arrow).