A 19 day old child with interhemispheric cyst and partial agenesis of corpus callosum

2020-06-01 02:29:29

Category: Neuroradiology, Region: Head-Brain and brain nerves, Plane: Axial

FINDINGS: MRI of the brain demonstrates a large interhemispheric cyst (A) (red arrow) which follows CSF signal on all sequences (A, C and D) (green star- hyperintense on T2WI and hypointense on T1WI and FLAIR) communicating with body and occipital horn of left lateral ventricle which appear dilated. The right lateral ventricle was slightly prominent in size (C) (blue arrow), although still small in comparison to left side. Bilateral thalami (B) (yellow arrowhead) appear separate. TECHNIQUE: Siemens Magnetom Essenza scanner. Magnetic strength 1.5 Tesla A and B: Axial T2-weighted, TR 7160 ms, TE 97 ms, slice thickness 3 mm C: Axial FLAIR, TR 10330 ms, TE 88 ms, slice thickness 5 mm D: Axial T1-weighted, TR 600 ms, TE 8.7 ms, slice thickness 5 mm