Figure 1: coronal CT angiography and volume-rendered 3D reconstruction. 62-year old female with right renal artery aneurysm

2020-08-23 15:05:05

Category: Interventional Radiology, Region: Abdomen-Kidneys, Plane: Coronal

Findings: (A) Inflow vessel passing into the right renal aneurysm and (B) the main outflow vessel passing out of the aneurysm and supplying the posterior right kidney parenchyma. At least one smaller outflow vessel arises from the aneurysm sac and supplies a small portion of the renal parenchyma (C). Volume-rendered 3D reconstruction (D) demonstrates the main inflow (white arrow) and outflow (yellow arrow) vessels, and also demonstrates several more proximal arteries supplying renal parenchyma. Technique: Coronal CT abdomen/pelvis with contrast (100mL of Optiray 300-399 IV contrast), (A-C) coronal