Figure 2: Right renal digital subtraction angiography. 62-year old female with right renal artery aneurysm

2020-08-23 15:12:14

Category: Interventional Radiology, Region: Abdomen-Kidneys, Plane: Coronal

Findings: (A) Main inflow vessel passing into the renal artery aneurysm (white arrow) and several proximal parenchymal branches (yellow arrowheads). (B) Later view from the same angiogram demonstrates the main outflow vessel (yellow arrow) passing to the renal parenchyma, and a smaller parenchymal vessel arising from the aneurysm sac (white arrowhead). Technique: Digital subtraction angiography, contrast (100mL Visipaque 320), fluoro time 33.9 minutes, reference air kerma (mGy): 2397, kerma area product (mGy-cm2): 269321