Figure 4: Right renal digital subtraction angiography. 62-year old female with right renal artery aneurysm

2020-08-23 15:14:13

Category: Abdominal Imaging, Region: Abdomen-Kidneys, Plane: Coronal

Findings: Renal aneurysm embolization. (A) Digital subtraction image shows one microcatheter passing into the distal outflow vessel in preparation for PED deployment, and a second microcatheter looped in the aneurysm sac in preparation for coil embolization. (B) The PED (white arrow) is first deployed distally before extending across the aneurysm (C), leaving the second microcatheter jailed in the aneurysm sac. (D) The aneurysm sac was embolized using soft detachable coils (white arrow marks the PED). Final angiogram shows cessation of flow into the aneurysm sac (E) with excellent flow through the PED to the renal parenchyma (F). Technique: Digital subtraction angiography, contrast (100mL Visipaque 320), fluoro time 33.9 minutes, reference air kerma (mGy): 2397, kerma area product (mGy-cm2): 269321