Scrotal abscess with testicular involvement?

Posted By Darren Goh
Scrotal abscess with testicular involvement?

Gender, Age

Male, 67


Scrotal abscess


Presented with left scrotal swelling and pain; scrotal skin erythematous. Patient unable to give further history, but noted previously that his left testis is smaller than the right


Left scrotal lump tender and boggy; left testis not palpable separately


Planned for ultrasound scrotum to rule out testicular involvement - reported as heterogenous left testis with no vascular flow; likely infarcted with necrosis. Planned for surgical drainage KIV orchidectomy


Intra-operatively actually noted that the left testis was atrophic and undescended and was not imaged on US. The US image of the scrotal abscess mimicked the appearance of an ischemic left testicular abscess. Post-operatively, the maldescended testis was vaguely palpable in the upper scrotum.

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  • Roland Talanow 2020-03-16 13:56:07

    Is this case asked for screening for JRCR submission?