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Gender, Age

Male, 58


COVID-19 pneumonia


a 58 male, who had fever for 3 days with coughing and shortness of breath


bilateral ground-glass opacities with a posterior predominance.


In December 2019, a lower respiratory tract disease of unknown origin was reported in a cluster of patients in Wuhan City. It was later named coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by the World Health Organization. The virus transmitted rapidly out of China with a number of confirmed cases reported all over the world. Although the diagnosis of COVID-19 is suspected on the basis of sympyoms ,chest imaging plays an important role in both assessment of disease extent and follow-up. The diagnosis is made by a positive PCR test, which is highly specific. CT has a higher sensitivity but lower specificity. Initial CT-findings: 1. ground glass opacification (GGO) 2. bilateral involvement 3. peripheral distribution 4. multilobar (more than one lobe) involvement 5. posterior distribution, mainly in the lower lobes 6. Isolated GGO or a combination of GGO and consolidation


1. ground glass opacification (GGO) 2. bilateral involvement

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