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Radiologist Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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Riyadh Miitary Hospital
Egyptian Consultant radiologist..FRCR qualified ..working in saudi arabia

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Alexandria Un.
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Alexandria University
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Personal data : Name : Ahmed Atteya Hamada Bahnassy Age :49 years . Nationality : Egyptian . Social state : married with 3 children . Permanent Address : 178 ,Omar Lotfy street ,Alexandria 21321, Egypt. Actual address : Riyadh Military Hospital ,Radiology Department P.O. Box 7897 Riyadh 11159, Saudi Arabia. e-mail : [email protected] Tel numbers: Saudi Arabia:0501785502 Alexandria / Egypt Fixed :002035910682 Medical Qualifications : Fellowship of Royal College of Radiologists-FRCR -London- October /2004. M Sc of Radio-diagnosis -Faculty of Medicine -.University of Alexandria-EGYPT-1992. M.B.CH.B. -Faculty of Medicine -University of Alexandria -EGYPT -1987 Career Objective: To practice my profession with high level of competence ,teach the new generations the practice , ethics and philosophy of radiology ,and lead the administrative issues of the radiology department , for the maximum of benefit of the patients. Actual work: Consultant Radiologist at Riyadh Military hospital-Saudi Arabia…beginning from 13/9/2008 up till now. RMH is a military tertiary teaching hospital with 1300 beds capacity with ongoing expansion for Trauma and Oncology Centers, and complying with MSD standards of service as grade A hospital (leading military hospital in all the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Radiology Department is fully equipped with state of the art medical equipment and advanced technology. It is film less, paperless digital department that has the following modalities: 8 Ultrasound Machines (ATL ,GE and Siemens elegra, 4 Digital Fluoroscopic Rooms, Mammography, PET/CT machine,Gamma Camera,3 MRI machines 0,5 -1.5 and 3 T MRI, 16 Slices and 64 MDCT,. Duties: My duties and responsibilities are as follows: 1.Clinical duties. A-Chest and Body imaging.  Reporting and supervising general Radiology work, Ultrasound, and CT scan procedures in a film less, digital environment; viewing the images on the PACS and reporting through RIS network .  Performing and making reports for the special procedures in fluoroscopy like Upper GI Series, Lower GI Series, Follow Through, HSG, Urethrogram, and Cystogram  Performing and reporting the various Ultrasound procedures: general abdomen, pelvic ultrasound, small organs ultrasound (e.g.thyroid, evaluation of neck masses, scrotal ultrasound .  Performing and reporting all kinds of Doppler examinations including upper and lower arterial and venous examinations,renal Doppler ,neck veins ,TIPS follow up ,and others.  Works with the team of Technologists, assigns their tasks and motivates them to achieve deadlines. B-Pediatric radiology 2.Teaching duties.  Tutorial for residents.  Lectures for residents.  Supervision of resident reporting . 3.Research duties. 4.Administrative duties : • I was assigned as TQM coordinator of the department since 5/2009. • As TQM representative ,I arranged and shared in formulating policy and procedures guidelines of the department . • Responding to and studying all incident reports in order to ameliorate the performance of the department. Previous Experience: -Assistant professor of Radio-diagnosis ..College of medicine-Qassim University-Saudi Arabia .. from 15/3/2006 to 6/9/2008 Duties : The duties of Assistant professor comprises : A- Academic duties : I-Undergraduate students : This includes teaching Comprehensive Radiology course covering all body systems - according to the objectives stated in University curriculum - for final years students ,followed by mid –term and final examinations . Short courses in Pediatric radiology (5 lectures )and Obsterics and Gynecology Imaging (3 lectures )for 5 th year medical students ..ending by a final OSCE exam. Teaching basic radiology clinical skills – for 2nd and 3 rd year students – focusing on radiological anatomy -since Qassim University is applying a PBL (Problem based learning ) system which incorporates clinical teaching for medical students ,beginning from the first years . Tutor in PBL for phase II medical students. II-Postgraduate students : Post graduate student teaching included : A-Radiology board : This includes teaching activities for the residents involved in Saudi Board of Radiology . Teaching activities included : A- Post on call morning meetings . B- Dictatic lectures . C- Case presentations . D- Seminars . E- Journal clubs. B-Non Radiology boards : This is mainly regarding Pediatric and internal medicine boards . Additional radiological activities included : A- Targeted lectures. B- Clinico-radiological presentations. These activities are actually going on in MCH and KFSH B-Clinical Duties : This includes hospital work in Maternity and Children Hospital -Buraidah (Ministry of health ) from 1/12/2006 to 1/6/2007 ,then in King Fahd Specialist Hospital from 1/10/2007 till 07/2008. MCH is a tertiary hospital for Pediatrics in Qassim region .It is equipped by CT (spiral with single slice ..), Ultrasound ( GE Logic 5 ) with Doppler facilities ,in addition to many fluoroscopy rooms and conventional radiography . My main duties include CT reporting (mainly Pediatric –with some women imaging )-Doppler studies for ladies (Ob/Gyne patients )and children ,Supervising fluoroscopy examinations . KFSH is the referral hospital of all Qassim region in Saudia .Radiology departments is fully equipped with conventional radiology ,ultrasound ,64 multislice CT and 1,5 tesla MRI . In addition I was responsible of Radiology department of University staff Specialist clinics ,which includes only conventional Radiography and Ultrasound . - Locum Consultant Radiologist at Hospital University of Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM )-Kuala Lumpur ..Malaysia. - One of biggest teaching Hospital in Malaysia. For 3 months (from 1/10/2005 till 31/12/2005.) Duties : Performing all kinds of radiological procedures including : -conventional radiology . -Ultrasound examinations . -Doppler studies (I was responsible for all Doppler reports coming out from Radiology Department ) -Reporting multislice CT . -Reporting MRI (1,5 tesla-Siemens ) -Teaching sessions for junior radiologists. -Supervising Breast imaging unit ,regarding mammography ,ultrasound ,and interventional procedures . -Specialist of Radio-diagnosis at King Abdul Aziz University Hospital-Jeddah-Saudi Arabia (800 beds tertiary hospital) from 10/2002 to 9/2005 Duties : -Performing all kinds of radiological procedures under fluoroscopy. -Breast imaging (mammography ,U.S. and U.S. guided intervention ) -Reporting multislice CT (4 & 16 ). -Reporting MRI (1,5 Tesla and 0,5 Tesla –Siemens )Neuro -Muskuloskeletal and Body cases..) -with collaboration of vascular surgery team ,I was the main responsible of performing their needed Doppler investigations ((mapping for AVF for CRF patients, evaluation of pseudo aneurysm and trial of U.S. guidance occlusion ,evaluation of peripheral arterial system ,etc.. )) -training of junior radiologists ,mainly on U.S. and doppler studies . -Supervision of radiology presentations by trainee radiologists . -Interventional procedures including : -Pleural taping. -Ascitic taping. -Abscess drainage. -CT guided fluid aspiration /drainage. -Specialist of Radio-diagnosis at Health Insurance Hospitals -Egypt ..(Gamal Abdel Nasser (1000 beds) and Abou Kir ( 250 beds ) Hospitals ) from 1996-to 1997 and from 2000 to 2002. Duties : -Responsible for all doppler examinations in Gamal Abdel Nasser and Aboukir hospitals (rate 10-15/day ). -Responsible for breast imaging unit for a population of 500 000 of health Insurance . -CT reporting . -Interventional procedures (U.S. guided ) -Specialist at various private practice radiology centers from 1993-to 2000. -Resident of Radiology at Medical Research Institute Hospital University of Alexandria .Egypt . from 1990 to 1993. This is the main training period ,as preparation for the Master degree .. The hospital was specialized in Oncological radiology . and Breast cancer .. This was in addition to other conventional fields .. Capabilities learned : -Evaluation and staging of oncological cases . -Breast imaging perfection ,as this is one of the leading hospitals in all Egypt in this field. -Conventional fluoroscopic examinations ,wherein the most prominent surgeons were working in this hospital and referring their cases to our busy radiology dep. -Angiography cases ,mainly lower limb and renal artery. -Ultrasound examinations . .with a flow rate of 40-50 cases per day presenting with most complicated disease patterns .. That was the main pillar of my ultrasound experience in my early education. Academic activities in Pediatric Radiology : • Case presentation :Girl with a painful digit .Doppler findings in a case of finger glomus tumour . presented in MCH pediatric radiology meeting • Case presentation :Diagnostic CT findings in intraperitoneal rupture of urinary bladder . presented in MCH pediatric radiology meeting • Case report :Neglected bronchial foreign body in a child simulating a mass .Challenging CT diagnosis .Published in IHSJ.and available on line at www.qumedicine.org • Original research :Non-contrast CT brain findings in perinatal asphyxia…Categorizing the abnormalities. Presented as clinical audit in MCH January 2007. • Case Presentation :Extensive B cell lymphoma-Chest and abdominal findings ..presented in MCH pediatric radiology meeting. • Diagnostic role of brain imaging (ultrasonography and C.T.Scan) in high risk preterm neonates.Published in journal of paediatrics Ain-shams University with Prof Dr/Ebrahim Abou Seif .Professor of Pediatrics . Book : Radiological approach to pediatric patients. 150 pages book published in Egypt (Al hadaya book shore-Shamplion street-Azaritha) Academic activities in General radiology : 1.Role of high resolution CT in diagnosing diffuse lung diseases : lecture presented in Medicine update meeting(regional meeting ) in BCH .5/2006. 2.Imaging of fulminant infections in diabetic patients :Talk in the national conference on Diabetes held by Qassim university in 6/2007 at KFSH. 3.Auntminnie diagnosis in uroradiology :Lecture in Radiology department KFSH for the staff and residents. 4.Color Doppler examination :course (4 lectures )presented in MCH –Radiology department for the staff . 5.Altelectasis :lecture in KFSH reviewing all presentations of lung collapse . 6.FREE ABDO :Lecture focusing on reading of plain X-ray Abdomen .delivered in KFSH. 7.Imaging of Lymphoma :lecture presented in KFSH,covering all radiological presentation of lymphoma. 8.Lung malignancies :Lecture in KFSH ,covering the diagnosis,staging and follow up of lung malignancies . 9.Chest Radiological anatomy :Course (3 lectures )done in KFSH for staff and residents covering the normal radiology of chest (Plain X-ray,and CT) 10.Chest calcifications :tutorial in KFSH for internes , residents and staff,focusing on the different causes of chest calcifications. 11.Imaging of mediasinum:Lecture in KFSH ,dealing with imaging and diagnosis f mediastinal lesions . 12.Acquired cardiac diseases evaluation:Lecture in KFSH explaining how to evaluate the cardiac patient CXR 13.ICU chest reading :Tutorial in KFSH 14:Solitary pulmonary nodule :Lecture focusing on how to evaluate the problem of SPN. 15.Disease patterns in CXR :Lecture focusing on the radiology pathology correlation of lung pathologies and their differential diagnosis . Research Thesis :Role of Ultrasound in evaluation of local extensions of Cancer Breast. As partial fulfillment of Master Degree in Radio-diagnosis. This study was conducted in advanced cases of cancer breast . It has helped in planning of surgery as it outlined the role of U.S. ,not only in diagnosing ,but also staging and evaluating the local extensions of malignancy. Courses : -Scottish preparatory course for II b examination in Scotland -UK That was an intensive course in Radiology aiming as preparation for the tough exam of final FRCR..it was done in University of Heriot Watt-Scotland -3-D ultrasound Cairo. That course focuses in the role of 3-D ultrasound in breast ,prostate ,hepatobiliary ,examination . -Thoracic radiology course in Jeddah -KAAUH. This courses covered all aspects of thoracic radiology .. -Breast imaging symposium ,Jeddah ,KAAUH. That short course was made -in addition to basic breast imaging ,to highlight the role of MRI in breast diagnosis which is practiced in KAAUH in Jeddah -Paediatric neuroradiology:KAAUH.Jeddah.Saudi Arabia 2 days course covering the different paediatric neurological diagnosis using MRI. -Learning objectives and students assessment :workshop in QU. -E learning Workshop . -SPSS :Course


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