Emad ELShorbagy

Radiologist Egypt, gharbia
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consultant Radiologist
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married working as proff. of Radiology in National Liver Institute Menoufiya University

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Anshams Uni, Egypt
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national Liver institute
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CURRICULUM VITAE Name : EMAD ELSAYED OMAR ELSHORBAGY Date of Birth : 29th December 1957 Place of Birth : EL Mehalla EL Kobra, Egypt Nationality : Egyptian. Home Address : 12 Mohamed El-Fatth St, P.O.Box 91 El-Mehalla El-Kobra, Egypt. Work Address : Radiology Dept., National Liver Institute, Menoufiya University, shebin El-kom, Egypt. Home Tel. : (+2040) 2230119 Mobile : +20100242470 E-mail address : [email protected] Qualifications: * M.D. Radiodiagnosis , Faculty of Medicine, Ain shams University in Apirl 1999. * M.Sc. Radiology, Benha Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University in May ,1989 * M.B. B. ch. , Benha Faculty of Medicine, Zaqaziq University, December, 1982 with general grade (very good). Occupations: • Professor of Radiology in National liver Institute, Menoufiya University from 26 /10 /2009 till Now. • Assistant Professor of Radiology in National liver Institute, Menoufiya University from 24/10/2004 – 25 / 10 / 2009. • Consultant Radiologist in Radiology Department, Armed Forces Hospital, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. • Honorary Consultant Radiologist and Supervisor to Radiology Department, Kaffer Elshak Liver research Center Hospital, Ministry of health, Egypt started from January, 2004 (two days weekly). • Visitor doctor in Radiology Department, National Cancer Center Hospitals, Tokyo, Japan for training in the field of Image Diagnosis (Angiography, CT, MRI, US) and Interventional Radiology (TAE,RFA) for three months from 20/3 to 20/6/2003. • Gust doctor in Radiology Dep. Urology and Nephrology Center hospital, Mansoura University for one year from 2002 to2003 • Lecturer of Radiology in National liver Institute, Menoufiya University from 5/9/1999 till 24/10/2004 . • Gust doctor in Radiology dep., Ain Shams University Hospitals for three days every week for one year from February 1999. • Guest physician and training in the Department of Radiological Diagnostics and Nuclear Medicine at the Benjamin Franklin Medical Center of the free University of Berlin, Germany from 15/1/1994 to 1/3/1996. • Assistant lecturer of Radiology in National liver Institute, Menoufiya University from 9/4/1990 to 4/9/1999. • Demonstrator of Radiology in National liver Institute and its hospital, Menoufiya University from 10/9/1989 to 9/4/1990. • Resident of Radiology Department in Benha University Hospitals, Zaqaziq University from 13/1/1985 to 12/3/1988. • House officer in Benha University Hospitals, Zaqaziq University from 1/3/1983 to 28/2/1984. Societies Member of European Association of Radiology (EAR). Member of Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Member of Egyptian Society of interventional Radiology (ESIR). Member of Egyptian-Germany Society. Member of Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia. Member of Saudi Cancer Foundation. (Saudi Arabia). Member of Radiology Club of Eastern Province ID 2540 (Saudi Arabia). Member of The Society of Friends of Liver Patients in the Arab World. Member of Egypatian Medical Syndicate. Experiences • Special interest in Interventional Radiology and sonography (including Biopsy (fine needle aspiration or Core biopsy) from different abdominal organs and masses, with concentration on Liver and hepatic focal lesions. Ethanol Injection, Radio-frequency ablation (RFA) of Hepatocellular carcenoma, Aspiration cystology, Drainage of large cysts, abscesses, abdominal collection, hematomaes ….).Beside helping and assistant in Angiography Room Diagnostic and embolization of Hepatocellular Carcenoma (HCC) also external biliary drainage (PTD) using big tail catheter and Metal Biliary stent. Other usual duty in the Radiology department Conventional X-ray, Barium studies, IVU, HSG, Fistuogram…. * Consultant of Radiology in Mensoura assurance Hospital, Muenstery of Health for one year from 1999 to 2000. * Consultant of Radiology Department in Kafer Elshak, Liver Hospital, Muenstery of health from jan. 2004 till 2005. *Responsible for Practical ultrasound training in Gyn. and Obst. of young doctors under control of Egyptian Medical Syndicate of tanta for two weeks in may 2004. Educational, Training and Research Department Publications: Published papers in International Medical Journals and international conferences A.A. Zytoon, K. Murakamib, M.R. El-Kholy, E. El-Shorbagy. Dual time point FDG-PET/CT imaging. Potential tool for diagnosis of breast cancer Received 13 September 2007; received in revised form 1 March 2008; accepted 14 March 2008. Ashraf Anas Zytoon, Koji Murakami, Mohamed Ramdan El-Kholy, Emad El-Shorbagy, Osama Ebied Breast cancer with low FDG uptake: Characterization by meansof dual-time point FDG-PET/CT Received 9 November 2007; received in revised form 29 January 2008; accepted 30 January 2008 Alwarraky M, Al-\abdo, Koreyme E, EL-Shorbagy E, El Mallah A, Oliff S and Waked I.Comparison of Expanded Polytetrafluroethylene-Covered and Non-Covered TIPS Stents For The Management of Portal Hypertension; Single Center Experience The Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. Vol.36, No.4, (Dec.): 827 - 838, 2005 T El -Diasty, E Al Shorbagy, O Al Abd, A Shallal,Et Al. Giant Hepatic Hemangioma: Diagnosis And Intervention. Abstract in the European Journal of Radiology and The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 37, No.3, (March): 69-80, 2004. E Al-Shorbagy,T Al-Diasty, A Shallal, Et Al. Hepatic Focal Nodular Hyperplasia And Hepatocellular Adenoma:Triphasic CT Scan Findings. Abstrect in The European Journal of Radiology and The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 34, No.4, (December): 1894 - 1902, 2003. (Main Author) Osheha S Abd-Elaal E.., Obada M.*, EI-Shorbagy E. Tawfik M. Significance of Serum Hyaluronic Acid in Assessment of Chronic Liver Diseases and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Minoufiya Medical Journal. Vol.17, No.2, (July): 141 - 148, 2004 , Accepted in the 3rd AOASL Single Topic Conference ( The Asian Pacific Association for the study of the Liver (Liver Fibrosis with and without Hepatitis B or C) January 30- February 1, 2008 Published papers in Medical Journals As one of the Authors I-Papers: Al-Abd, A Shallal, E Al-Shorbagy, Et Al. Efficacy Of TIPS Stents (Covered And Non-Covered) Versus Large Volume Paracentesis For The Management Of Refractory Ascites. The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc.Med., Vol.38, No.3, (September): 1189 - 1200, 2007 A Shallal, O Al-Abd, E Al-Shorbagy, Et Al. PERCUTANEOUS METALLIC STENTING IN BILIARY OBSTRUCTION DUE TO UNRESECTABLE PANCREATIC CANCER. The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. Vol. 38, No 3, (June): 451 -460, 2007. ELshorbagy, Emad. Performance and feasibility of conventional galactography in diagnosis of unilateral nipple discharge. The Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 40, No. 1, (March), 2009 E. Al-Shorbagy, A Shallal, T Osman, M Arid. Multi-Detector Row CT Angiography For Peripheral Arterial Disease (Pad).The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 38, No.2, (June): 861-870, 2007. (Main Author) Gamal A. Rahman*, Emad El-Shorbagy**, Ayman Khater* Small Airway Dysfunction and Structure Changes in Asymptomatic Sickle Cell Lung Disease The Egyptian Journal of Chest diseases and Tuberculosis , Vol. 55, No. 4, (Oct.) 2006) 328- 335,2006 Shallal Ayman, Al-Arid Mohsen, and El-Shorbagy Emad, Initial experience of 64 – slice Cardiac CTA in the management of patients with acute chest pain suspicious of CAD origin. The Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 38, No 1, (March): 31 -42, 2007 Mohamed A. Hamouda*; Ahmed Abdel Moniem Emam**;Sayed Mokhtar Oraby*** and Emad Elshorbagy THE ROLE OF PULMONARY MAGNETIC RESONANCE ANGIOGRAPHY IN DIAGNOSIS OF PULMONARY ARTERIALHYPERTENSION AND PULMONARY EMBOLISM The Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. Vol. 39, No 4, (Dec.): 1661 -1668, 2008 Osheha S Abd-Elaal E.., Obada M.*, EI-Shorbagy E. Tawfik M. Pre-Operative Endosonographic Assessment of Pancreatic Lesions. Minoufiya Medical Journal., Vol.17, No.2, (July): 127 - 134, 2004 E Al-Shorbagy, M Abo Al-Ghar, A Shallal, Et al. Role Of CT Scanning & MRI In Diagnosis Of 6 Cases Of Budd-Chiari Syndrome.The Egyptian Journal .Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., . Vol. 38, No. 1, (March) 77-84, 2007. (Main Author). Abdelmoniem H Koko FRCS(Ed), Emad El Shorbagy MD,. Faruok Othman FRCS(Ed), .Hussien Al Ghahtani FACHARTS, Khaled Al Gammal MD, Omer ELMakelid Case Report, Blind-ending complete ureteric duplication with reflux and ectopia, 2nd Arab Radiology Congress, 21-24 April 2009 Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt. Shallal, B. Al-Sayed, E. Al-Shorbagy, H. Al-Araby, M. Hussein. Doppler Ultrasound Assessment Of Resistive Indices Of Cerebral And Renal Arteries In Children With Cirrhotic Liver Disease. Egyp J Radiol. March 2002. A.Shallal, E. ELShorbagy, A. Al-Sherif, M. Amin, M. Al Warraky, A Omar. Clinical Outcome Of IVC Greenfield Filters In Patients With DVT. Al-Azhar Medical J, 23(1), Jan 2002. Ashraf Abou Gabal, Nabil Abd Elhamid Omar, Osama EL-Abd, cs, Maher Osman and Amr Sadek. Doppler Ultrasound study In The Evaluation Of Ischaemic Bowel Disease in Cirrhotic Patients. The Egyptian Journal of Gastroenterology,Vol.7 No.2,June,2002 P437-447. Mervat Abdoul-SattR Al-sergany, Jehan A.M. Al-Sharnouby, Emad EL-Shorbagy, nashwa M. Radowan and LaylaM Sayed Ahmed. Cheiroarthropathy in Relation to Micro and Macroangiopathy in Type-I Diabets Mellitus. Egyptian Rheumatology & Rehabititation Journal, Vol. 30, No3 May 2003 . E Al-Shorbagy, Et Al. CT-GUIDED TRANSTHORACIC NEEDLE ASPIRTION BIOPSY IN PULMONARY AND MEDIASTINAL LESIONS. The Egyptian Journal Of Radiology & Nuc. Med., Vol. 34, No 4, (]December): 451 -460, 2003. E Al-Shorbagy, Et Al. MULTIDETECTOR ROW CT IN DIAGNOSIS OF PANCREATIC CANCER IN CORRELATION WITH ULTRASOUND-GUIDED FINE NEEDLE ASPIRTION BIOPSY AND CA19-9 AND CEA ASSESSMENTS. EL-Shorbagy, Emad and ELDiasty, Tarek, Case Report: WANDERING SPLEEN (Main Author) Poster presentation in 6th annual International congress, The Egyptian Society of Tropical Medicine, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (ESTIP) June 27th – 29th, 2001, Alexandria, Egypt. Elshorbagy, Emad et al., Value of coloer Duplex Sonography on Iliac and Lower Limb Arteries of Kidney transplant Recipient. 5th international Congress of Ultrasonography in collaboration with Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dept. Hannover University, Germany and British Medical Ultrasound Society, UK 12th-14th April 2000 Cairo, Egypt. EL-Shorbagy Emad Color Duplex Sonography (CDS) In The Evaluation of Complicated Transplanted Kidneys). 3rd international Congress of Ultrasonography in collaboration with Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dept. Hannover University, Germany 10th-12th March 1998, Cairo, Egypt. II-Theses EL-Shorbagy, Emad, Role of Coloured Duplex Ultrasonography in The Evaluation of kidney Transplanted Patients. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of MD degree in radiodiagnosis 1997, Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University. El-Shorbagy Emad, Diagnostic Non-Invasive Imaging Modalities In Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of M.Sc. degree in radiodiagnosis, Banha University 1988. Teaching and Eduction (Duty In National Liver Institute) Special interest in Interventional sonography (including Biopies, Ethanol Injection, RFA of Hepatocellular carcenoma, Aspiration, Drainage….). Responsible for ultrasound training of young doctors and Ultrasound courses in our department. Lecturer to postgraduate doctors MS and MD degrees of hepatology, Hepato-biliary Surgery and pediatric hepatology ( Radiology courses only). International Conferences (outside Egypt) Actively participated and attended in - Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), two times, 1992 and 1994 78th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, 29Nov.- December 4,1992 Chichago, Illinois. (Badge N0: 876581 OS and Certificate N0: 002875) 80th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, 29Nov.2-December 2, 1994 Chichago, Illinois (Badge N0: 143410 AA and Certificate N0: 009349) -European congress of Radiology (ECR95) March 5-10, 1995 Vienna, Austria . (Registration N0: 449 and Certificate No. 226). -STCT 2003 Tokyo, Japan 7th Seminar of diagnostic Imaging in helical CT screening for Lung Cancer and 2ed Seminar of Pulmonary Emphysema detected in helical CT screening, The Society of thoracic CT Screening. -Symposium: MRI: From Current Knowledge to New Horizons,5/4/2003 Imperial Hotal, Tokyo, Japan. Abdominal Imaging Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 2003 The annual meeting of Japanese Society of Radiology, Yokohama, 2003. National Cancer Center Hospital conferences Monthly, Weekly meeting during Professional registration Consultant radiologist Egyptian medical Syndicate,. No. 240 Date 9/9/2006 Doctor in Egyptian medical Syndicate,. No. 61201 Date 1/3/1984 Egyptian medical Syndicate, No 65767 Date 1/3/1984 sultant of Diagnostic Radiology in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Kingdom of Saudi Arbia No. 06-K-M-0294 Exp. Date: Jan 2, 2011 Ministry of health, from United Arab Emirates, (UAE) Evaluation Certificate as Specialist A Doctor Radiology R-41832 Date 16/9/2003 Licences from German Medical Syndicate to practice in Radiology Dep. In Free University Hospital, Berlin for two years from 1994-1996.


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